Secure Your Brand
Customized Anti Counterfeiting Solution

Every brand, despite its size and industry, should have an anti-counterfeit solution implemented. In the era of technological advancements not having brand protection can have dire consequences some of which are irreversible.
Anti Counterfeiting Solution acviss

What Makes an Ideal
Anti-Counterfeiting Solution?

Distinctive labels

Non-Cloneable Tech


Unique Identity to Each Unit

Tamper proof Online Anti Counterfeiting Solution Acviss


Custom app

Custom White labelled App

Acviss Brand Protection Solution
User friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Real time analytics

Real-Time Analytics for Counterfeit Detection

Report fake

Customers Report Counterfeits Instantly

Instant Notification

Instant Notification upon Fake Identification

Wondering About What Solution to Choose?

Certify Product Authentication in super market anti counterfeiting solution brand protection

Certify – The Shield That Protects Your Brand

Acviss safeguards your supply chain against counterfeit products across online and offline channels! Our AI and ML-based end-to-end system offers a unique approach to label production, ensuring that products remain non-replicable and tamper-proof.

Certify helps you to identifying counterfeit products without breaking a sweat. By integrating our unique, non-cloneable, tamper-proof qr code labels into your product or boxes, you can ensure that your customers receive the best protection available in the market.

Tick mark

Proprietary 2D and 3D Acviss labels integrated into the product

Tick mark

Get vital dashboard insights of supply chain and customer behaviour.

Tick mark

Authenticate products by scanning the qr codes using a mobile device.

Tick mark

Report counterfeit products in real-time, alerting both brands and customers.

The Headstart Your Brand Needs

Track customers

Track and learn
your product behaviour in supply chain

Customer protection

Show your willingness
to protect your customers

Protect profits

Never lose your profits
to counterfeit products

Tamper proof

Learn where your products
are getting tampered

Engage with customers

Engage with your
customers instantly

Best buyers

Stay ahead of bad actors


Keep Your Customers
and Brand Safe

Counterfeiters are lingering in the shadows to take advantage of you. The brand image, reputation and status you have built with hard work are taken for granted by the scammers. And they loot your profits pretending to be the original. There’s no doubt you are getting the heat from these scammers.

But do you know who else is in danger?


Customers buying the product unaware of the poor quality will point fingers in one direction; your brand!

  • Your customers will lose faith in your brand
  • Your foundation in the market shatters.
  • Your brand will fall back on the competition.
$3 Tn

Value of global counterfeit market in 2023.


online buyers have
fallen prey to counterfeiters.


Consumers lost their
trust after purchasing a counterfeit products.

$600 Bn

worth of counterfeit goods are sold yearly.


Customers purchased fakes
were unaware of the deception.

Anti-Counterfeit Solution

Don't wait until counterfeiters strike.
Connect to Secure your brand with Acviss.

FAQs on Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

What is an anti-counterfeit solution?

The counterfeit has been a grave threat that has been terrorising the economy for a long. Anti-counterfeit solutions help brands to deter scammers and fake products that are extensively available in the online and offline marketplace.

What is a unique, non-clonable label?

Brands may use a self-manufactured label on the product to distinguish it from fake counterparts. But they may not be unique. A distinctive unique label will help each product to be identified as a separate unit. Giving a unique identity to them. This helps to identify which products are getting tampered with and limit the counterfeits in the market. 

How to authenticate a product?

Verifying a product’s authenticity has been made simple by Acviss. Customers can easily scan the Certify labels integrated into the product, using a mobile device or other scanners. The custom branded app or acviss app will authenticate the product instantly and will automatically notify the customer and brand if a fake product is identified.

Which industry is safe from counterfeiting?

None! Every brand and industry irrespective of their size, region and product is facing the counterfeit threat. Some of the most affected industries are: 

  • Fashion and Luxury Industries: because of their global recognition fashion industry faces the worst counterfeit hits. Luxury brands lost $30 Billion in sales and it is growing year after year.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: Pharma products get most counterfeited as people are unaware of the process to authenticate them. Counterfeiters run their businesses taking advantage of this. Over 10% of total sales in low and middle-income countries include counterfeits.
  • Automotive and spare parts: Counterfeiting is estimated to cost close to 2 Bn in sales every year. Counterfeit auto parts and components compromise vehicle and passenger safety. Substandard and uncertified counterfeit parts increase the risk of accidents and equipment failures, endangering lives.
  • Electronics and Technology: Fake electronic devices flood the market, compromising consumer safety, data security and intellectual property rights. Counterfeit electronics often lack safety certifications and can be prone to malfunctioning or causing hazardous incidents.
Prioritising brand protection is a giant leap towards success!

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