Assist By Acviss

Warranty Management for 21st Century Brands

How it Works?

Intelligent Warranty Tracking for each product sold

Each unique product sold will have it’s own warranty policy, claim and identification in your records.

Custom Branded Mobile App For Your Customers Register for Warranty

Customised mobile apps with your brand name on both the Play Store and App Store – Gain customer trust and confidence with a repeat purchase. Track which manufacturing unit each product originated from. It can be integrated right into your manufacturing.

Check and Verify if A Warranty Claim is Covered in Warranty Or Not

Verify every warranty claim to make sure if it’s covered or it’s paid. Create documentation and SLAs for each product to ensure that there is no confusion on how your service agents handle warranty claims.Your OEMs can directly put in relevant data right at the time of manufacturing

Empower Your Customers To Track Their Warranty. Eliminate any Fake Warranty Claims

28% - Percent of Fake or Out of Warranty Claims

Your Warranty Program is not tracked, you're service department is burdened.

58% - Customers Who Don't Track Warranty Cards

Your customers don't keep their warranty cards, or it's difficult to track. With Assist, you don't need to print any additional cards, maintain records and verify seals or signatures.

Increase Life Time Value of Customer

Provide Unique Rewards to customers who are loyal to you and enable warranty extensions and AMC contracts. All within a single app without any additional manpower involved.

Our Founder Explains in Detail How Assist Works

Warranty Management For 21st Century Brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty Management System is a system which helps companies provide a seamless warranty claim experience to their customers and at the same time verify the warranty claims as well and reduce fraud

Assist – The Warranty System provided by Acviss is a plug and play system that can be setup in a day. Once a brand signs up with us we onboard them to our platform. Brands can opt for digital or physical unique identifiers for their warranty cards. Brands then provide the consumers with Acviss protected warranty cards which he or she can use to claim and prove warranty.

Acviss technology is tamper proof and non-replicable and each unit of Acviss protected warranty card is always unique and random making it impossible for any one to fake a warranty card or product.  Access Technology which identifies these labels or imprints make it completely foolproof as they can detect even a minute change in the label design, code or patterns.

Assist works across the supply chain and can be enabled not just for the consumers but also dealers. Brands can on board dealers as well on the platform and provide them a way to validate and request warranty.

With Assist you just need to sign up with us and use our special anti-counterfeit technology on your warranty cards. Post that the experience and process is seamless.

Assist provides brands not just an easy way to support and validate warranty but also a plug and play consumer engagement platform which a brand can leverage to engage and communicate with their customers. Additionally brands can also bundle Acviss’s Bonus platform to add loyalty to their end users or dealers.  

A customer can request for a warranty through a simple scan of their warranty card. Post scanning they can verify the warranty details and then request for a service. Brands can integrate their CRM system to Assist to further manage their warranty systems.