Elevate Success with Acviss Bonus Solutions

Unlocking Growth Through Innovative Loyalty Management
Bonus loyalty management
Custom Branded

Custom Branded
Bonus App

The moment a brand signs up with Acviss, a custom branded app is released on App Store and Play Store where customers can download and claim rewards.

Special Anti Counterfeit, Tamperproof Labels Integrated into Packaging

Customers can now scan these labels from your app and claim rewards. The best part? you can verify each customer and track how rewards are being claimed.
Special Anti Counterfeit Tamperproof Labels

Tiered Rewards -To Ensure Everyone in the Supply Chain is Rewarded

At each level, you can customize how your customers enrol on the program and what documents they need to submit. You get a dedicated dashboard to review these documents and also get insights into the program. Also, engage your customers directly on the app through multiple communication channels

Take Your Customer Engagement to the Next Level with Bonus

Engage with Customers Like Never Before

Reward your best customers with additional benefits. With end to end automation, you just have to focus on planning campaigns.

Deep Insights into your Sales

See where your sales is working, and where it is not. Rewards will help calculate ROIs on your marketing and sales campaign.

Increase Life Time Value of Customer

Provide Unique Rewards to customers who are loyal to you and announce new products, services and offers to your most loyal customers first!

Customer Engagement

Our Founder Explains in Detail How Bonus Works