Bonus By Acviss

A Customer Loyalty software with trust at its core.

How it Works?

Custom Branded App Released in Playstore and App Store

The moment a brand signs up with Acviss, a custom branded app is released on App Store and Playstore where customers can download and claim rewards.

Special Anti Counterfeit, Tamperproof Labels Integrated into packaging

Customers can now scan these labels from your app and claim rewards. The best part? you can verify each customer and track how rewards are being claimed.

Tiered Rewards -To ensure everyone in the supply chain can be rewarded

At each level, you can customize how your customers enrol on the program and what documents they need to submit. You get a dedicated dashboard to review these documents and also get insights into the program. Also, engage your customers directly on the app through multiple communication channels

Provide Rewards to Customers Where they want.

At Acviss, we support major payment providers and formats for rewards. For India Paytm, UPI, Netbanking is supported right out of the box. Also, reward them by gifting them white goods. Give rewards to your customers in any format they choose.

Take your customer engagement to the next Level with Bonus.

Engage with Customers Like Never Before

Reward your best customers with additional benefits. With end to end automation, you just have to focus on planning campaigns.

Deep Insights into your Sales

See where your sales is working, and where it is not. Rewards will help calculate ROIs on your marketing and sales campaign.

Increase Life Time Value of Customer

Provide Unique Rewards to customers who are loyal to you and announce new products, services and offers to your most loyal customers first!

Our Founder Explains in Detail How Bonus Works

Loyalty Program with Trust At It's Core

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Acviss Bonus, we provide an entire dashboard to handle customer reward system with various features to give users a great experience and bring them closer to the brand.

Acviss Bonus enables users to earn and redeem rewards. A user is rewarded with points on each purchase. These earned points can be redeemed by the user in the form of cash rewards or coupons. For cash rewards, points can be converted to any currency with conversion ratio which is defined by the brand and via methods like direct bank account transfer, UPI or Paytm wallet. 

To build a successful loyalty program it is important to reward your loyal users. Acviss Bonus also provides a feature called Milestones which can be helpful during the festive season. 

A customer can add loyalty points to each of his products from the dashboard. Once a user purchases one of the products, s/he will earn the mapped loyalty points.

Any number of loyalty registrations can be created from the dashboard with the required documents like Aadhar, Driving Licence, GST, etc.
For example, electrical company may create following loyalty registrations type:

  1. Electrician: requires to upload no documents.
  2. Distributor: required to upload GST certificate

There have been scientific studies to prove that to build a good habit or relation, rewarding plays a key role. A happy user will always stay loyal to the product.

Rewards programs create a special bond between the consumer and the brand.

When a user is rewarded for the product, s/he is likely to purchase the product again and again over the period of time. This trust will surely increase the sales.

If a user has to put in time and effort for reward, s/he may not feel rewarded. In Acviss Bonus, we have focused on the user experience and made it seamless which guarantees a successful loyalty program.

Bonus has helped customers has increased sales by more than 30%.