The Dangers of
Counterfeit Drugs

Markets are plagued by counterfeit pharmaceuticals jeopardizing the lives of billions and leaving a dent in the global economy.
The Dangers of Counterfeit Drugs
Counterfeit drugs are produced and distributed

Counterfeit drugs are produced and distributed

  • Without adhering to proper quality control standards.
  • Contains substandard or harmful ingredients. 
  • The consequences of counterfeit drugs can range from ineffective treatment to severe health complications and even death. 

Understanding the magnitude of the counterfeit drug threat is crucial in addressing this global issue

The Extent of the Counterfeit Drug Problem

The scale of the counterfeit drug problem is difficult to quantify precisely due to its clandestine nature. However, various studies and reports shed light on the severity of the issue:

  • The global market for counterfeit drugs is estimated to be $200 Billion in 2022.
  • India and China top the list of the world’s major counterfeit pharmaceutical producers.
  • This illicit industry not only harms public health but also negatively impacts the legitimate pharmaceutical industry and national economies.
  • Counterfeit drugs often contain incorrect dosages, ineffective or inert substances, or even dangerous ingredients such as toxins, heavy metals, or other harmful chemicals.
  • Consumption of counterfeit medications can lead to treatment failure, drug resistance, adverse reactions or new health complications.
  • Counterfeit antibiotics with insufficient active ingredients can contribute to the development of drug-resistant strains of bacteria.
  • Developing countries with limited access to quality healthcare and regulatory oversight are particularly susceptible to the infiltration of counterfeit drugs
The Extent of the Counterfeit Drug Problem

Combating Counterfeit Drugs

Combating Counterfeit Drugs

Addressing the counterfeit drug problem requires a multi-faceted approach involving governments, pharmaceutical manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and consumers. Some strategies to combat counterfeit drugs include:

  • Instant notifications on encountering counterfeits. Strengthening Regulatory Frameworks
  • Instant notifications on encountering counterfeits. International cooperation between governments, law enforcement agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Instant notifications on encountering counterfeits. Enhancing Supply Chain Security
  • Instant notifications on encountering counterfeits. Raising Public Awareness
  • Instant notifications on encountering counterfeits. Utilizing Technology

How can your brand fight the threat?

By using unique, non-clonable labelling on the product you can keep your product tamper-proof and traceable. And Acviss provides exactly that.
Acviss’s Certify solution helps to integrate distinctive and non-replicable labels into your product that any customer can verify and authenticate without breaking a sweat.

The best part is you can track your product throughout the supply chain allowing you to pinpoint the exact location where your product is getting tampered with.

How can your brand fight the threat
Acviss - Anti-counterfeiting Simplified

Acviss - Anti-counterfeiting Simplified

Acviss provides a wide range of services that can keep your product and brand safeguarded across the supply chain. 

  • Acviss 2D and 3D labels will be integrated into your product and packaging
  • Unique identity to each of your product units.
  • Tamper-proof labels that guarantee safety.
  • Instant Notification to customers and brands upon encountering fakes. 
  • Dashboards that give insights into customer information and interaction with the product.
  • Easy to handle the app and user-friendly interface.
Prioritising brand protection is a giant leap towards success!

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Counterfeit drugs pose a significant threat to public health, with far-reaching consequences for individuals, communities and economies.  

By choosing the right solution, we can strive to protect the public from the dangers of counterfeit worries and ensure access to safe and effective medications for all.