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Overview: Acviss is already a profitable venture changing dynamics of brand protection against counterfeiting. The venture is subsidiary of a highly profitable, 15 years old anti counterfeiting technology leader.
Case studies: Kitply plywood doors
Case studies: Kitply plywoods

Meet Kitply, an industry trailblazer and the driving force behind the plywood revolution in India. In our exclusive case study, witness the profound transformation of Kitply's brand resilience and market standing. As counterfeit products threatened its legacy, Kitply turned to Acviss for a solution. Explore how Acviss became the guardian of Kitply's authenticity, eliminating counterfeiting and fortifying the brand's trustworthiness. This compelling narrative unfolds the strategic partnership that propelled Kitply to new heights in the plywood industry

Case studies: KONN electricals
Case studies: KONN electricals

K-ONN India LLP is a brand in Electrical accessories viz cables and switches. K-ONN wanted to ensure that their products are counterfeit proof from day one and also that they can build a way to engage their customers to make them loyal to the brand and also to enhance the trust in the brand. K-ONN employed Acviss’ authenticity and loyalty management solution and were able to not only increase their revenue but also reduced their customer churn to zero.

Watch how Acviss helped Kitply fight Counterfeiting

Watch how Kitply increased revenue by ₹120 crores using Acviss?