FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acviss?

Acviss is a Combination of a Tamper Evident Hologram Label Embedded with an Unique QR Code which can be Verified Instantly in Real time using the Acviss Mobile Application. Thus the authenticity of the product can be verified instantly by the consumer before purchasing or by the Brands themselves across the Supply Chain.

Each Acviss is embedded with an Unique , Variable, Non Cloneable & Non Predictable 2D Code. The code is generated by our Patented & Impossible to Replicate Process making Each & Every Acviss as Unique as your DNA.

The 2D Code is embedded into a Highly Secure Tamper Evident & Destructive Self Adhesive Hologram Label making the Acviss 100% Tamperproof. Verification is possible only through the Acviss Mobile App making it impossible for duplicators to replicate the result using other QR scanning Apps.

Why Acviss?

Counterfeiting affects every Product segment including FMCG, Food & Beverages, Pharma, Automobiles, Electronics, Computer Hardware & Software, Lifestyle & Apparel, and Hardware & Tools etc. No segment is Untouched.

Counterfeiting and Misuse of Brand name is one of the biggest headache faced by every popular brand as it eats away a major chunk of a Brand’s profit and severely tarnishes the Brand image.

Popular Brands start accepting counterfeiting as an inevitable part of their Business and face huge revenue losses.

The existing solutions available in the market to fight brand counterfeiting are really not foolproof and some of them involve huge investments and changing of product packaging infrastructure that they become unimplementable and many solutions end up as mere eyewash.

Security Holograms is one of the preferred tools used by brands to fight counterfeiting and it has been successful to some extent. However its biggest limitation is that, the end consumers has no way to verify and authenticate whether the hologram pasted on the product is really genuine or a Fake. This is where Acviss is different. Acviss with it’s unique and revolutionary solution addresses all these issues with it’s unique and revolutionary solution.

Who to Use Acviss for Brand Protection?

Top brands across various sectors have implemented this technology & have successfully eliminated fakes from their markets & reported increase in sales of up to 50% within just 2 months of implementation of this technology.

If you also are interested to prevent counterfeiting of your brand & would like to increase sales of your products then contact us on hello@acviss.com

List of Brand’s Case studies are available.

How do the consumers benefit from Acviss?

1.77 Trillion USD (Reference:International Chamber of Commerce) is the estimated value of counterfeit goods sold in 2016 and close to 20% (Reference: Price Water Coopers, India ) of products sold online are fake. With the high volumes of fake goods in market a consumer may be spending full amount and buying a fake product. Buying fake products may not only result in monetary losses but also be dangerous in case of FMCG & Pharmacy purchases. Acviss enables the customers to buy with confidence.

Who can use Acviss App?

Acviss app is available worldwide and can be downloaded by any user and is available on both Android & iOS platforms for verifying product authenticity.

How do I share my feedback or suggestions?
We would love to hear from you. If you need to reach out to us, send an email to support@acviss.com or get in touch with our experts.