Counterfeit Apparel

Counterfeit apparel has infiltrated the market, presenting a significant risk to consumers. These deceptive knock-offs, with their low prices and seemingly authentic designs, pose a grave threat to your safety and well-being.

It is crucial to understand the dangers associated with counterfeit clothing and take measures to protect yourself from the hidden consequences.

Counterfeit apparel
Counterfeit Apparels

The Extent of the Problem:

Counterfeit apparel has become a pervasive issue on a global scale, infecting markets worldwide. 

  • Studies estimate that the counterfeit industry is worth a staggering $3 trillion, with clothing being one of the most counterfeited categories.
  •  In 2020, the global counterfeit market for apparel exceeded $400 billion. 

Shockingly, many consumers struggle to distinguish between genuine and fake apparel.

The Hidden Consequences of Counterfeit Apparel.

Wearing counterfeit footwear may seem harmless, but the consequences can be dire.

While wearing counterfeit apparel may seem harmless, the ramifications can be severe.

  • Counterfeit clothing is often produced with poor craftsmanship and substandard materials, rendering it unstable and unreliable.
  • These garments lack the quality control measures employed by legitimate manufacturers, making them more susceptible to defects that can lead to accidents and injuries, such as fabric tears, broken zippers, or even skin irritations.
  • The production and distribution of counterfeit apparel contribute to a parallel economy of crime.
  • Counterfeit operations often fund illicit activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking, and even terrorism.

By unknowingly supporting these criminal enterprises, consumers inadvertently perpetuate the erosion of ethical standards, jeopardizing labour rights, and fostering human rights violations.

Countefeit apparel: Fashion Industry faces the worst counterfeit hits.

How Can Your Brand Fight Counterfeits

To stay ahead in the battle against counterfeits, Acviss offers comprehensive solutions that give you a headstart in the game. With years of research, expertise and utilizing advanced technology, Acviss helps protect brands and consumers alike.
Counterfeit apparel

Certify Your Brand's Superhero!

Acviss’s Certify provides unique, non-clonable, tamper-free labels that can be integrated into apparel products or packaging, ensuring easy authentication and instilling confidence in customers.

  • Provides a unique identity to each product unit.
  • Distinctive and non-clonable.
  • Keeps your product safe from tampering.
  • Custom branded apps for verifying the authenticity of your product.
  • User-friendly interface, Easy to handle application. 
  • Real-time analytics on counterfeit detection.
  • Instant notification on the identification of fakes.

The Headstart Your Brand Needs!

  • Track and learn your product behaviour
  • Show your willingness to protect your customers
  • Never lose your profits to scammers.
  • Get insights into customer data. 
  • Learn the points where your products are getting tampered with.
  • Engage with your customers constantly
  • Find the best buyers and influencers.

Keep Your Customers and Your Brand Safe

Clothing stores

Counterfeiters are lingering in the shadows to take advantage of you. The brand image, reputation and status you have built with hard work are taken for granted by the scammers. And they loot your profits pretending to be the original. There’s no doubt you are getting the heat from these scammers. But do you know who else is in danger?

Your dear customers

The counterfeiters set up shops online and offline and lure in unsuspecting customers to scam. Imagine your product made from sub-par materials and poor quality sold with your brand logo on it. 

And customers buying the product who are unaware of the poor quality will point fingers to just one direction; your brand!

  • Your customers will lose faith in your brand
  • Your foundation in the market shatters.
  • Your brand will fall back on the competition.

Take a Stand Against Counterfeiting

Join the battle against counterfeiting today. Contact Acviss to learn more about our comprehensive Anti-Counterfeit Solutions and take the first step towards a secure and counterfeit-free future for your brand.

Prioritising brand protection is a giant leap towards success!

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