Authenticating certificates and documents.

Certificates and Documents

Fake certificates and documents negatively affect individuals, private and government organizations alike. The issue of counterfeit documents is pervasive. In 2018, the Delhi police uncovered a widespread network of counterfeit documents operating across India. This illicit operation involved 40 agents who were apprehended while trading nearly 50,000 counterfeit degrees. These fraudulent degrees closely mimicked certifications from around 30 different boards and universities nationwide, with each fake degree costing as much as one lakh rupees. What was once a venture undertaken by a few individuals has evolved into an organized racket. The underground market for fake certificates and documents is now valued at crores of rupees.

Why Counterfeit Thrives in the Certificate & Documents Sector?

  • High Demand: The primary driving force behind the thriving market for counterfeit certificates and documents is the readily available demand. In job-centric sectors such as IT, banking, and financial services, candidates are willing to pay a significant sum for forged certificates.
  • Ease of Forgery: While most universities have secure guidelines for certificate printing, some resort to cost-effective methods for producing mark sheets and degrees, making them easier to counterfeit.
  • Verification Challenges: Many organizations conduct background checks on new hires, but these processes are time-consuming. By the time a counterfeit certificate is exposed, the organization has invested substantial time and resources in training the employee, making it difficult to take immediate action.
  • Lucrative Returns: Counterfeit certificates and documents command high prices due to their substantial demand. Forging sensitive identification documents like passports can yield substantial profits.
Forging Certificates and Documents.
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Why we need to act NOW?

  • Loss of meritocracy: When undeserving candidates secure coveted positions through counterfeit certificates, it undermines the principles of meritocracy, leaving deserving candidates at a disadvantage.
  • Impact on public health and safety: Fake medical degree certificates can have serious implications for patient well-being. Counterfeit permits and licenses contribute to the growth of the black market. Fraudulent ration cards deprive those in need of the food security they deserve.
  • Threat to National Security: Extremist elements often exploit counterfeit passports, AADHAR cards, ID cards, PAN cards, and more to further their activities.
  • Underutilized Technology: Modern technology offers tools such as RFIDs, SMART Passports, microprinting, and other innovations that can render counterfeiting virtually impossible. Regrettably, these anti-counterfeiting techniques remain underused.

Acviss's : Brand Protection Worldwide

  • Proprietary Vision Algorithm for Authenticity Verification: Acviss’s solutions incorporate a multi-layered approach with overt and covert markings. Our anti-counterfeiting technology, while intricate for counterfeiters, is designed to be straightforward for consumers. Our proprietary computer vision algorithm empowers consumers to verify the authenticity of complex, randomly generated markers.
  • Awareness Campaigns: We provide customized solutions to help stakeholders raise awareness among their customers regarding potential sources of counterfeit certificates and documents. We also offer support for advocacy and educational initiatives aimed at enabling law enforcement authorities to combat the problem effectively.
  • Acviss App: Our app is available for free download from the Play Store or App Store for free. Acviss also offers web-based verifications, white-labeled applications, and SDK to meet diverse verification needs..
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