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Acviss is a pioneer in ensuring trust in the global supply chain. With a refined approach towards anti-counterfeiting leveraging innovative patented technology, Acviss is revolutionising the brand protection industry.
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The global supply chain is in disarray.With the existing solutions not being able to counter the threat, it was imminent for a new measure that can put an end to the issue.
That's why we venture into cutting edge technologies of the modern age; AI, ML and Blockchain to develop the ultimate solution that can solve problems for every brand despite their nature.

One of a Kind! Our non-cloneable solution gives your products a new identity, one that can keep them unique and safe in the market.
Omnichannel Protecting brands and products across industries around the globe and across distribution channels both online and offline.
Best in the Business Patented multi-dimensional and non-replicable technology that is customised to meet the needs of brands.

Global Recognitions

Global Recognitions Acviss

A Better Future Founded in Trust

Acviss, as a mission, was born in December of 2016 when we set out to solve the ever-increasing problem of counterfeiting. We ventured into the possibilities of blockchain systems and machine learning tools to find the best solution.

With a team who are fully equipped, dedicated and adapting to the needs of the hour, we were finally able to crack the code. Over the past 7 years, we were able to weed out nearly every counterfeiter who threaten our clients and their customers.

Image of Vikas Jain, Founder and CEO Acviss Technologies
Shiv Kumar Nanjan

Head of Global Sales

With 24+ years of experience in Sales & Business Development, Shiv is an expert in Brand Protection, Corporate Sales, Channel Management, Strategic Planning, OEM sales and Overseas Business Development.

Image of Vikas Jain, Founder and CEO Acviss Technologies
Vikas Jain

CEO, Founder

An accomplished entrepreneur with over 18+ years of professional experience in multiple industries across different countries. Equipped with a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Technology from the University of Maryland

Image of Vikas Jain, Founder and CEO Acviss Technologies
Sagar Shukla

Project and Product Manager

5+ years of experience in building products for startups.

Partner with Us

We understand that effective brand protection requires collaboration. That's why we've built a network of trusted partners who share our commitment to safeguarding your brand against counterfeiting. Providing valuable expertise in various areas enables us to deliver comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solutions to suit your needs.

We are actively seeking to expand our network of partners. If you are an:

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Warehouse & Fulfillment Providers

Media and Comm. Agencies

Law Enf. Agencies

Legal Service Providers

ERP/IT Consultant