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Acviss seamlessly integrates into each stage of your supply chain, from production through to consumption, ensuring comprehensive track and trace capabilities.
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What is Acviss?

Acviss has a Multi Layered Patented Technology

Counterfeiting poses a pervasive challenge for companies and brands worldwide, with revenue and profit losses ranking highest among concerns. Despite the availability of various methods to address counterfeiting, none have been entirely successful in stemming the tide.

Enter Acviss, dedicated to providing comprehensive brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions through cutting-edge technology. As the trusted choice for brands, we offer robust measures to safeguard both reputation and revenue.

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Why you should trust Acviss?

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Why Acviss?

Discover the World's Leading Anti-Counterfeit Technology

Unique Identity

Acviss provides an unparalleled, non-replicable identity for every one of your products on a non-tamper, holographic label, enabling precise track and trace across the entire supply chain.

Global Reach

Acviss operates as a global system, assuring the safety of your products not only within your region but across the world. Our cutting-edge blockchain technology ensures top-tier brand protection.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We harness the most advanced technologies, including mobile solutions, machine learning, computer vision, blockchain, infrastructure, and cryptography.

Counterfeit Detection

Our unwavering commitment transcends mere counterfeit protection; we provide real-time counterfeit identification and seamless reporting.

Mobile Accessibility

Acviss offers a consumer-friendly mobile application, making product authenticity verification quick and effortless, strengthening brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Real-Time Protection

Acviss operates in real-time, enabling instant track and trace and the reporting of any identified counterfeiting activity, safeguarding your brand’s integrity within the supply chain.

What Our Clients Say

Our Customers love us for we help them not only remove fakes but enhance consumer loyalty and multiply sales and profits!
kitply brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions
Our Production & sales are up, i am extremely happy with Acviss
Rajshekhar Sales Head, Kitply
k-oon logo brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions
This solution is both Unique and 100% Effective. It actually works
Abhishek Jain Director, K-ONN

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Our Customers love us for we help them not only remove fakes but enhance consumer loyalty and multiply sales and profits!


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