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What is Acviss?

Acviss Secure Is a Multi Layered Patented Technology

Counterfeiting is a major problem faced by companies and brands world over. Revenue and profit loses caused by counterfeiting ranks highest among all reasons. While various methods are available to stem counterfeiting, none have been able to really able to stem counterfeiting.
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Why you should trust 'Acviss'?

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Product Protected

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Why Acviss?

Worldโ€™s Best Anti-Counterfeit Technology

Unique Identity

Acviss provides an unique, non-clonable identity for all your products on a non-tamper, holographic label.

Counterfeit Identification

Not Just protection against counterfeiting but immediate counterfeit identification and reporting.


Acviss consumer facing mobile application provides quickest and easiest method of verifying product authenticity.


Acviss is a global system so rest assured your products are safe not just in your region but globally.

Technologically Advanced

We use the latest of mobile, machine learning, computer vision, blockchain, infrastructure and cryptography making Acviss one of the most advanced systems.

Real Time

Acviss is a real time system so any counterfeiter identified can be tracked and reported instantly.

How it Works?

Find Acviss on product and verify with Acviss or Acviss Powered App

What Our Clients Say

Our Customers love us for we help them not only remove fakes but enhance consumer loyalty and multiply sales and profits!

Our Production & sales are up, i am extremely happy with Acviss

Rajashekar Sales Head - KITPLY

This solution is both Unique and 100% Effective. It actually works

Abhishek Jain Director - K-ONN

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