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The Future of Protecting Brand

Empower trust in every purchase with Certify.
Safeguard your product against counterfeiting, recover your reputation and ensure your customer loyalty.

How Does Product Authentication Help Your Brand?

Your brand is more than just a logo or a catchy slogan.
Its reputation you've built, the trust you've earned from your customers.
brand reputation

Long-Term Sustainability

A strong brand reputation built on trust and authenticity paves the way for sustained success in the marketplace.

Brand Protection

Revenue Protection

Preventing counterfeit sales directly translates to recovering lost revenue and increased earnings.

Brand Reputation Enhancement

Brand Reputation Enhancement

Increased customer trust and loyalty resulting in repeat business and positive WOM referrals.

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Why Certify by Acviss?

It's not just about combating counterfeiting by product authentication; it's about gaining a significant advantage in the market. Brand protection is a goal for the long run. It is always better to start late than never and Certify ensures you get the best out of it!
Customer Loyalty

Scan Attempts

Custom branded app

Custom Branded
White Label App

Seamless Authentication


AI Enabled Product

Authenticity at your fingertips.
Unique and Independent
Unique and Independent

Digital Certificates for Every Product Providing Personalized Proof of Authenticity.

Non-Clonable Labels
Non-Cloneable Labels

Distinctive and Impossible to Replicate Labels Integrated into the Products.

Real-Time Analytics
Real-Time Analytics

Gain insights into consumer behaviour and market trends at your fingertips.

Tamper-Proof Packaging
Tamper-Proof Packaging

Acviss Labels to cut off your supply chain vulnerabilities and foolproof your packaging.

Mobile First
Mobile First

Dedicated mobile app enhancing customer loyalty.

Rooted on innovation
Rooted on Innovation:

Proprietary 2D code created using Acviss patented technology.

What do we Offer?

Enhance Protection with Powerful Dashboard

Direct Customer Engagement

Direct Customer Engagement

Directly engage with customers, creating loyalty and trust while addressing threats to your brand using Certify app

Instant Notification

Instant Notification

Get immediate alerts on counterfeit identification allowing customers to report the fake instantaneously.

Cross-Selling Opportunities

Cross-Selling Opportunities

Maximize your sales by identifying opportunities for cross-selling on social media platforms.

Real-Time Data Access

Real-Time Data Access

Access customer insights and interactions in real-time, helping to make informed decisions and improve strategies against brand abuse.

Authentication Solution Made Scalable For Your Brand

Venture beyond the industry standards with Certify to safeguard your products, enhance brand trust and empower your customers with a seamless product authentication experience.

Supply Chain Visibility

Easy Integration with
Existing Supply Chain

Locate fake scan

Get Geolocation for
Fake Scans and Alerts.

Digital Certification of International Standards.

Digital Certification of
International Standards.

A touch away!

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Equip the best for your brand.
Explore how Certify by Acviss can enhance your brand's success. Let's connect virtually to discuss your unique needs and how our solution fits seamlessly into your business strategy.
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