Generate Unique Label For Every Product

Uniqolabel provides a unique, non-cloneable labels for all your products on a tamper-proof, holographic label.
Uniqolabel by Acviss - Holographic label

Why Choose Uniqolabel?

Protect your brand and safeguard your customers. Forget ineffective authentication methods. Uniqolabel tamper-proof holographic labels and cutting-edge technology ensure every product you ship bears a unique, verifiable identity.
Give your brand and customers the ultimate peace of mind with Uniqolabel!

Custom Tamper-
Proof Labels

Real-time &

Convenient &

A Visual Identifier to Safeguard Your Brand Reputation

Beyond Anti-counterfeiting

Identify and report fakes instantly, minimizing brand damage and protecting your revenue.

Gain Insights

Track product movement and engagement, driving smarter business decisions and optimizing your supply chain.

Build Trust

Empower your customers with the ability to verify product authenticity, strengthening brand loyalty and satisfaction.