How it Works?

Unique Identity For Every Product You Ship

Uniqolabel provides a unique, non-clonable identity for all your products on a non-tamper, holographic label.

Technologically Advanced

We use the latest of mobile, machine learning, computer vision, blockchain, infrastructure and cryptography making Uniqolabel one of the most advanced systems.

Counterfeit Identification

Not Just protection against counterfeiting but immediate counterfeit identification and reporting

From Dealers, Retailers to End Consumers. At Each Level, Uniqolabel Allows Verification, Authentication and Eventually Trust.

Real Time

Uniqolabel is a real time system so any counterfeiter identified can be tracked and reported instantly.


Uniqolabel is a global system so rest assured your products are safe not just in your region but globally.


Uniqolabel’s consumer facing mobile application provides quickest and easiest method of verifying product authenticity.

Our Founder Explains in Detail How Uniqolabel Works