Generate Unique Label For Every Product

Uniqolabel provides a unique, non-cloneable labels for all your products on a tamper-proof, holographic label.
Uniqolabel by Acviss - Holographic label

Why Choose Uniqolabel?

Protect your brand and safeguard your customers. Forget ineffective authentication methods. Uniqolabel tamper-proof holographic labels and cutting-edge technology ensure every product you ship bears a unique, verifiable identity.
Give your brand and customers the ultimate peace of mind with Uniqolabel!

Custom Tamper-
Proof Labels

Real-time &

Convenient &

A Visual Identifier to Safeguard Your Brand Reputation

Beyond Anti-counterfeiting

Identify and report fakes instantly, minimizing brand damage and protecting your revenue.

Gain Insights

Track product movement and engagement, driving smarter business decisions and optimizing your supply chain.