Origin By Acviss

Gain deep insights into your supply chain.

How it Works?

Verification and Tracking at Each Stage

From Raw material to final consumer – every step in your supply chain is tracked, verified and recorded in your very own blockchain. Each stakeholder gets a customised application to scan, input data and check the status of his payments. Additionally, each and every record is verifiable, auditable and immutable providing complete transparency. Wow, your consumer with complete visibility of the product life cycle and provenance.

Mobile App Which Works in the Most Remote Locations

Worried how records will get updated in remote location? Origin by Acviss works offline and can be update from Anywhere.

Dashboard to setup and measure all major KPIs, Flow of Goods, Capital and Labour.

Origin works with all major ERPs and allows you to integrate your on field data with your MIS. 

Gain Deep Insights in the best way possible.

Supply Chain transparency in a Few Clicks

Every single record can be verified and audited to meet any government, organizational compliance requirements. Save time, money and best of all gain peace of mind.

Blockchain in Supply Chain will Empower You to Grow your Business without worrying about Operations.

Track Inventory and Payments

Ensure your suppliers have their own dashboard to track their payments, save time on account reconciliation and focus on growing with your suppliers.

Up and Running in 2 Weeks

Origin is ready to deploy, roll out and requires minimal training. Get your supply chain visible.

Increase the Health of Your Supply chain

Measure, track and verify. These 3 steps will ensure your supply chain is healthy, and you can take on more customers without the worry about delivering to them.

Our Founder Explains in Detail How Origin Works

Transparency in your Supply Chain

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Blockchain, transactions can be stored in a single ledger which provides complete visibility and single source of truth. This creates a path for genuine traceability routes for every single Supply chain which combats counterfeited goods.

The transactions happening in blockchain cannot be reversed/updated and acts as a single source of truth. And the products which are transacted using blockchain would be genuine products.

Trace & Trace solution is to deliver a high performant system which defines the product/item’s past and current location by a systematic route in a supply chain.

Using our system, you can track down a product’s current location or where it was from the origin in the supply chain. Every event happening in the supply chain is stored as blockchain transaction which can help in tracking down.

Supply chain is built of defined events at every step of product’s lifecycle. Blockchain connects with supply chain’s members and create transactions which cannot be overwritten by anyone. This secures all the events of the product’s lifecycle thus maintaining authenticity.

  1. Allowing to maintain a single source of truth.
  2. Enables Data security and trust by making the ledger public.
  3. Makes the supply chain more efficient and transparent.

Every transaction is stored by hashing all the input data using a merkle tree model and each transaction has the pointer to the next leading block allowing to trace all the transaction.

In the current market, there is a high chance of a product being counterfeited at any stage of the supply chain. So traceability would highly enable us to remove those issues. Also there are new compliances and laws implemented around the globe to mandatorily execute traceability. Also it enables the supply chain to run more efficiently and transparently.

Every ingredient going in a food is to be consumed by humans. Any kind of counterfeiting action in the food space would be a great threat to human life.

Every ingredient going in a food is to be consumed by humans. Any kind of counterfeiting action in the food space would be a great threat to human life.

As a business, you will be able to deliver authentic/genuine products to your consumers enabling atmost safety. Also it would greatly benefit the business by running the supply chain efficiently.