How it Works?

Verification and Tracking at Each Stage

From Raw material to final consumer – every step in your supply chain is tracked, verified and recorded in your very own blockchain. Each stakeholder gets a customised application to scan, input data and check the status of his payments. Additionally, each and every record is verifiable, auditable and immutable providing complete transparency. Wow, your consumer with complete visibility of the product life cycle and provenance.

Mobile App Which Works in the Most Remote Locations

Worried how records will get updated in remote location? Origin by Acviss works offline and can be update from Anywhere.

Dashboard to setup and measure all major KPIs, Flow of Goods, Capital and Labour.

Origin works with all major ERPs and allows you to integrate your on field data with your MIS.

Gain Deep Insights in the best way possible.

Blockchain in Supply Chain will Empower You to Grow your Business without worrying about Operations.

Track Inventory and Payments

Ensure your suppliers have their own dashboard to track their payments, save time on account reconciliation and focus on growing with your suppliers.

Up and Running in 2 Weeks

Origin is ready to deploy, roll out and requires minimal training. Get your supply chain visible.

Increase the Health of Your Supply chain

Measure, track and verify. These 3 steps will ensure your supply chain is healthy, and you can take on more customers without the worry about delivering to them.

Geo Fencing

Prevent pilferage and unauthorized sale of your products by geo fencing each and every unit of yours through Acviss Certificate.

Our Founder Explains in Detail How Certify Works