Protect your products right from the Dashboard.

Truviss provides you with a dashboard where you can key in what products you want to track and protect.
Protect your products
Track your product's existence

Track your product's existence from all over the internet

Truviss takes in the data and starts scanning the internet and create a listing of all your products, domains, and apps of yours. Similar products, domains and apps are also tracked and listed.

Track your product's existence on social media platforms.

Truviss also scans all social media website where your brand is mentioned and helps you take down tweets or posts that are fake and abusive and helps you taken them down.
social media platforms

Our solution Truviss a machine learning and AI-based tool helps companies weed out these fakes online.

AI-based tool
Machine learning and AI-Based Tool

Truviss a machine learning and AI-based tool which scans the internet for product listings and analyzes If these listings are genuine and authorized.

500+ Data Points and Flags

The product looks at more than 500 data points and flags any listings which are not genuine.

Scans Multiple Marketplaces

The product scans multiple marketplaces and websites and the results are displayed at one single place where the action can be taken against a fake listing.

Automated triggers

The solution also then automatically triggers actions to bring down the listings. You can, of course, validate these and take any further action needed.