Loyalty Management

Acviss’ Loyalty and Consumer Engagement Solution provides brand with a complete suite to build consumer trust, understand their behavior and gratify them with rewards

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Loyalty and Consumer Engagement Solution

Acviss’ Loyalty and Consumer Engagement Solution ensures that your consumers are connected and loyal to your brand. It includes a multi tiered loyalty system with complete control ensuring complete transparency, control and security. Also included is a gratification module integrated with multiple gratification methods to wow your consumers

Multi-Tiered System

Acviss Loyalty and Consumer Engagement Solution is a multi- tiered approval based system

Rewards Genuine Users

It ensures that your genuine users are the ones that always get the rewards

Multiple Redemption Options

Already integrated to support multiple redemption options like Wallets, UPI, Bank Transfers, White Goods

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights generated from statistical and machine learning systems to help you be the best in the industry

Integrates into Packaging

Acviss easily integrates into your packaging or product

Multiple Platforms

Available as Acviss App, White Label App, or SDK on both Android and IOS platforms. Also available on Web.