Why Fake Alcohol is Dangerous

Counterfeit beverages are being abundantly available in the market and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it. Fake alcohol are products that are produced illegally or use sub-par ingredients and don’t meet security and safety standards. Such alcohol is bound to create trouble in society.
Fake alcohol
Two fake alcohol bottles

How big is the fake alcohol threat

  • The Global Alcohol and beverage industry is valued at $1,537 billion in 2022.
  • In developing countries like India, the total sale of alcohol products ranged to $2.8 Billion in 2020.
  • And the deaths caused by poor-quality or fake alcohol have been numbered to be 6000+ in the last six years.
  • It is found that most deaths caused by fake alcohol are in people aged between 25 and 64.
  • Fake alcohol is bought by people below 21 years old as they are not legally allowed to buy or consume alcohol in most countries.

This means the majority who fall, victim, are the ones who should have played a vital role in the nation-building process.

The Increasing counterfeiting in Alcohol and Beverage Industry

  • There is no proper verification process to authenticate the product.
  • Little to no transparency in the supply chain leaving no room to trace the product.
  • Customers getting duped with fake products as no means to identify a fake. 
  • Refilling and reusing bottles are major and recurring frauds in the industry. 
  • Legal actions can take forever and take a toll on the brand’s finance and time. 
Fake alcohol bottles linedup
Verified alcohol bottles

How to protect your brand from counterfeits?

By using unique, non-clonable labelling on the product you can keep your product tamper-proof and traceable. And Acviss provides exactly that. 

Acviss’s Certify solution helps to integrate distinctive and non-replicable labels into your product that any customer can verify and authenticate without breaking a sweat. 

The best part is you can track your product throughout the supply chain allowing you to pinpoint the exact location where your product is getting tampered with.

Acviss - The best option to keep your brand safeguarded?

Acviss provides a wide range of services that can keep your product and brand safeguarded across the supply chain. 

  • Acviss 2D and 3D labels will be integrated into your product and packaging
  • Unique identity to each of your product units.
  • Tamper-proof labels that guarantee safety.
  • Instant Notification to customers and brands upon encountering fakes. 
  • Dashboards that give insights into customer information and interaction with the product.
  • Easy to handle app and user-friendly interface.
Verified Fake Alcohol Bottles

How to spot fake alcohol?

Fake alcohol bottle and a drunk person

Spotting fake alcohol can be challenging compared to other products. But it is not impossible. There are a few steps you can follow to identify them. 

But before you learn the pointers to identify fakes, you should always keep one thing in mind.

  • Always buy from reputable, authorised sellers! That will save you from a ton of trouble.
  • Check the branding and manufacturer information. If the brand name is unfamiliar to you or feels suspicious it probably is. 
  • Verify the product with an official image on the Internet. No better way to authenticate the product than by comparing it with an original image. 
  • Smell the product. If you find the smell really bad or have a tint of nail polish remover, it is fake!
  • If you are buying vodka, ensure it is crystal clear. Vodka is one of the most counterfeited alcohol. An original one is supposed to be clear, if it is not, it is a fake. 
  • Make sure the seal is intact. If the seal or certification is broken or missing, the product has been tampered with and make sure to stay as far away from it. 
Prioritising brand protection is a giant leap towards success!

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