Fraud Detection

What is Fraud Detection?

Fraud detection encompasses a range of techniques and technologies aimed at identifying and preventing fraudulent activities, including counterfeit product sales and intellectual property infringement. Across various industries such as pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, electronics, and luxury brands, fraud detection plays a critical role in safeguarding brand integrity, protecting consumer trust, and mitigating financial losses.


Fraud detection is implemented through a combination of manual processes and advanced technologies. This includes:

  1. Data Analysis: Leveraging data analytics tools to analyze patterns, anomalies, and trends that may indicate fraudulent activity.
  2. Machine Learning: Utilizing machine learning algorithms to detect patterns and anomalies in large datasets, improving the accuracy and efficiency of fraud detection.
  3. Document Verification: Verifying the authenticity of documents such as invoices, certificates, and shipping manifests to ensure legitimacy and traceability in the supply chain.
  4. Digital Monitoring: Monitoring online marketplaces, social media platforms, and e-commerce websites for unauthorized sellers, counterfeit products, and brand infringement.
  5. Physical Inspections: Conducting physical inspections and audits of products, packaging, and distribution channels to identify counterfeit or tampered goods.
  6. Authentication Technologies: Implementing authentication technologies such as holograms, RFID tags, and QR codes to verify the authenticity of products and prevent counterfeiting.


Product Authentication / Offline Fraud Detection Solution

Certify by Acviss, product authentication solution provides offline fraud detection capabilities by offering secure authentication features such as hologram labels, tamper-evident seals, and serialization. These physical authentication measures enable businesses to verify the authenticity of products offline, preventing counterfeit goods from entering the supply chain and reaching consumers.

Online Brand Protection / Online Fraud Detection Tool

Truviss by Acviss’s online brand protection solution, offers online fraud detection capabilities by monitoring digital channels for counterfeit product listings, unauthorized sellers, and intellectual property infringement. Through advanced algorithms and digital monitoring tools, Truviss helps businesses identify and take action against online fraudsters, protecting brand reputation and consumer trust in the digital marketplace.

By implementing fraud detection strategies and leveraging solutions like Certify and Truviss, businesses can proactively combat fraudulent activities, safeguard their brand integrity, and ensure a secure and trustworthy shopping experience for consumers both online and offline.