Track & Trace

Acviss’ Track and Trace system helps brands optimize their supply chain. Have complete visibility of your products when it moves through the supply chain.

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What we do

Acviss' Track and Trace

Acviss’ Track and Trace Solution provides brands with a system that enables them to track
each and every product of theirs in their supply chain system. With our track and trace you will
have access to whereabouts of your products 365, 24/7

Supply Chain Tracking

Acviss' Track & Trace not only helps you trace your products but also provides protection against fakes while the product transits through the supply chain

Tag Primary and Secondary Boxes

Includes a multi hierarchy system so that you can tag your primary as well as secondary boxes

Controlled Access

User access to system can be controlled so that only verified users can use the system

Integrates with ERP systems

Can be integrated with ERP Systems like SAP and Oracle

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights generated from statistical and machine learning systems to help you be the best in the industry

Integrates into Packaging

Acviss easily integrates into your packaging or product

Multiple Platforms

Available as Acviss App, White Label App, or SDK on both Android and IOS platforms