The Hazards of Counterfeit Fertilizers

Understanding the extent of the counterfeit fertilizer problem is essential for addressing this global issue effectively.

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Precisely quantifying the scale of the counterfeit fertilizer problem is challenging due to its clandestine nature. However, various studies and reports shed light on the severity of the issue:

  1. 70% of its rural households still depend primarily on agriculture for their livelihood 
  2. 82% of farmers are small and marginal.
  3. Asia, North America and South America account: 40%, 25% and 22% share in the overall pesticide and other agricultural chemicals market.
  4. Counterfeit pesticides are estimated to be 5-7% of the products in Europe
  5.  20–30% of the pesticides in Developing countries.

The Increasing counterfeiting in the Agriculture Fertilizer Industry

  • Farmers are unaware of the existence of counterfeit pesticides.
  • No proper verification process to authenticate. 
  • Little to no transparency in the supply chain leaving no room to trace the product.
  • Cheap prices and abundance in availability cause the thriving of the fake market.
  • Legal actions can take forever and take a toll on the brand’s finance and time. 

How Can Your Brand Fight the Threat?

Protecting your products from counterfeiting and ensuring their authenticity is crucial for the success of your operations. With Acviss's Certify solution, you can safeguard your products with unique, non-clonable labelling, providing tamper-proof security and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Our Certify solution integrates distinctive and non-replicable labels directly into your fertilizer packaging. These labels serve as a reliable authentication feature that customers can effortlessly verify, guaranteeing the genuineness of your products.

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Certify offers

  1. Safeguard Your Brand
  2. Prevent Tampering
  3. Enhance Supply Chain Transparency
  4. Build Customer Confidence
  5. Mitigate Legal Risks

Acviss Anti-counterfeiting Simplified

Acviss provides a wide range of services that can keep your product and brand safeguarded across the supply chain. 

  • Acviss 2D and 3D labels will be integrated into your product and packaging
  • Unique identity to each of your product units.
  • Tamper-proof labels that guarantee safety.
  • Instant Notification to customers and brands upon encountering fakes. 
  • Dashboards that give insights into customer information and interaction with the product.
  • Easy to handle the app and user-friendly interface.
Certify Product authentication

Still wondering about which solution to choose

Acviss gives you

  • Unparalleled product security by integrating distinctive and non-replicable labels into your agricultural fertilizers, making it nearly impossible for counterfeiters to imitate or tamper with your products.
  • Easy verification for customers as any customer can effortlessly scan the label or input the unique code to ensure the product’s genuineness.
  • Enhanced supply chain traceability provides real-time tracking capabilities that allow you to monitor your fertilizers’ journey from production to the end user. 
  • Protect Your Brand Reputation by showing commitment to protecting product integrity and customer trust. 
  • Streamlined Customer Engagement through our integrated dashboard, gaining valuable insights into their interactions with your products and building stronger relationships.
Prioritising brand protection is a giant leap towards success!

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Choose Acviss’s solution to secure and maintain the integrity of your brand. With our non-replicable labelling, you can combat counterfeiting, instil trust in your customers and contribute to a thriving agricultural industry.