Secure Your Brand From Online Threats and Counterfeiters

Protect your brand revenue and reputation from online fraud and counterfeits. Employ Acviss’s multi-layered AI-powered brand protection solution to safeguard your digital space. 

Boost your growth with Truviss online brand protection

Boost Your Growth with
Online Brand Protection Solution.

Harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to proactively identify and eliminate counterfeit products across the digital landscape. The advanced algorithms scan domains, apps, social media platforms, and product listings with unparalleled precision, swiftly detecting fraud and providing a complete online brand protection package.

Brand Integrity

Scalable and

Consumer Trust

Maximize Revenue and Profitability

Introducing Truviss
Your Brand's Digital Shield

Truviss protects your digital front across social media and e-commerce marketplaces. Identifying, flagging and instantly removing your counterfeiters, impersonators and IP abusers.
Introducing Truviss Your Brand's Digital Shield

Truviss Comes Packed With Benefits

Complete Brand Protection

The multi-layered approach to brand protection, covering various digital platforms and channels.

Real-Time Monitoring

Take swift action against counterfeits with real-time monitoring and alerts.

Customizable Solutions

Customizable solutions that align with your specific requirements and objectives.

In-depth Verification

Analyze every intricate detail of the product, comparing it to a vast database of genuine items.

Secure Your Products Across E-commerce Platforms

A Safe Haven for D2C Brand’s

Protect your brand and products from fake listings and fraudulent sellers on Amazon, Shopify, Flipkart and 20+ online marketplaces. Sell your products without worry of losing to counterfeiters.

Protecting Your Cyber Presence

Brand protection for Digital Age | Digital Services Act

Brand Protection For
The Digital Age

Truviss stands out for its advanced AI and ML algorithms, constantly evolving and adapting to new counterfeiting techniques. It learns from vast amounts of data and improves its detection accuracy over time, keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of fake products.

Data Points to Map Products


Counterfeit Detection Rate


Products Secured Globally

Monitor your online brand protection performance with powerful acviss dashboard

Monitor Your Process with a Powerful Dashboard

Level up your online brand protection strategy with Acviss Dashboard

Get detailed insights and actionable reports on your brand performance and all the detected fake products. Monitor the counterfeit trends related to your brand, make informed decisions and take immediate action.





Trusted by Leading Brands Worldwide

Truviss has been instrumental in protecting over 80+ brands globally, spanning diverse industries ranging from direct-to-consumer startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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