Acviss Products provide counterfeiting protection and more to awide range of industries.

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Acviss protects FMCG products ranging from personal hygiene to food products.

Counterfeiting is highly prominent in Electronics Industry. Acviss works with manufacturers ensuring complete protection of products.

To protect farmers, consumers and the environment, Acviss is dedicated to ensuring fake products are not used in farming and agriculture.

Acviss is being widely used in Apparel and Lifestyle industry. Brands are now able to enhance customer loyalty and engagement using Acviss.

Acviss provides fool proof protection against spurious pharma products so that lives are not at stake. Additionally Acviss’ track technology can be leaveraged to track products through supply chain.

Tools and Machinery industry is widely affected by fake products and Acviss ensures complete protection from fake products from manufacturing to end customer.

Around 30-40% auto components sold are fake. Acviss not only provides counterfeit protection but can also help track products through supply chain.

Faking of Certificates & Documents is a serious issue affecting not only private enterprises but even government organizations. Acviss is in the forefront of providing anti counterfeit technology to protect certificates & documents.

Plywood Brands profits have eroded by more than 40% due to fake products. Using Acviss technology plywood players have been able to gain 100% of lost sales and profits.