Digital Product Passport (DPP)

What is Digital Product Passport (DPP)?

A digital record, attached to a product throughout its lifecycle, containing all its relevant information – from raw materials to manufacturing processes, regulatory compliance and sustainability practices.

For Brand and Buiness Owners, key roles of using Origin by Acviss:

Comprehensive Product Information:

The Digital Product Passport includes detailed information about the product, such as its origin, manufacturing details, specifications, and warranty terms, providing consumers with transparency and confidence in their purchases.

Ownership Tracking:

Brands and consumers can track the ownership history of the product through the Digital Product Passport, facilitating resale, transfer, or warranty claims, while also deterring theft and counterfeit activities.

Authentication and Verification:

Acviss integrates product authentication features into the Digital Product Passport, allowing consumers to verify the authenticity of the product and ensure it meets quality standards and compliance requirements.

Supply Chain Transparency:

By leveraging blockchain or other secure technologies, the Digital Product Passport enhances supply chain transparency, enabling brands to trace the journey of the product from manufacturing to end-consumer, ensuring ethical sourcing and production practices.


One of the key benefits of the Digital Product Passport is its ability to enhance sustainability practices within industries. By providing visibility into the environmental impact of products throughout their lifecycles, manufacturers can identify areas for improvement and implement more eco-friendly practices. Consumers, armed with this information, can make informed purchasing decisions that align with their values and sustainability goals. Furthermore, the DPP facilitates the implementation of circular economy principles by promoting product reuse, recycling, and responsible disposal, thus reducing waste and conserving resources.


As adoption of this innovative approach continues to grow, the potential for positive impact on industries, society, and the environment is vast, heralding a new era of responsible and sustainable product management.

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