Battling Agriculture
Counterfeits with Technology

Counterfeiting is a pervasive issue across various industries, but one of the most affected areas is the agriculture input space. From brands to government bodies and consumers, everyone bears the brunt of counterfeiting. It's a menace that not only impacts the economy but also poses serious risks to farmers and the environment.
Government Regulations and Technological Solutions

Government Regulations and Technological Solutions

To combat counterfeiting, governments have introduced regulations mandating the use of QR codes or 2D codes on agricultural product packaging. However, while these measures aim to enhance traceability and verification, their effectiveness remains questionable. Simple QR codes can be replicated, making them vulnerable to exploitation by counterfeiters.

Acviss: Innovating Against Counterfeits

Recognizing the limitations of existing solutions, Acviss has pioneered a game-changing approach to tackle counterfeiting in agriculture. Their vision goes beyond merely reducing counterfeit products; they aim to eliminate the possibility of even a single unit being duplicated.
Acviss has developed non-clonable codes that ensure each label is unique and cannot be replicated. This revolutionary technology sets a new standard in anti-counterfeiting measures, offering unparalleled security to agricultural brands and consumers alike.
Acviss_ Innovating Against Counterfeits
Battling Agriculture Counterfeits with Technology

Staying Ahead in the Cat and Mouse Game

Understanding that combating counterfeiting is an ongoing battle, Acviss remains committed to innovation. They leverage cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, and computer vision to continuously enhance their solutions. By staying one step ahead of counterfeiters, Acviss provides a foolproof defence against illicit activities.

Empowering Farmers: The Frontline Against Counterfeits

Contrary to common misconceptions, farmers are increasingly tech-savvy and play a crucial role in combating counterfeits. Acviss ensures that farmers have access to user-friendly verification systems, enabling them to identify counterfeit products and report them promptly. Through incentives and loyalty programs, Acviss incentivizes farmers to actively participate in the fight against counterfeiting.
Empowering Farmers_ The Frontline Against Counterfeits

“Let us embrace the power of technology and embark on a journey towards a future where authenticity reigns supreme, and our seeds thrive unencumbered by the shadows of deception.”

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