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Acviss’ anti-counterfeiting solution provides a complete protection for your assets from fakes.

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Brands and Organization

Brands and organizations strive to protect their products/assets from counterfeiting. Counterfeiting can badly impact not just sales and profits but also brand reputation. Brands and organizations focus on improving product features to garner more market share. Unique features of a product build a brand identity that helps companies create a niche for themselves in the market. However if the end consumers do not get access to these features because of infiltration of fake products the brands suffer massive losses. Ensuring that these authentic products reach the end consumer is a promise we at Acviss have been helping brands and organizations consistently deliver. Trusted by more than 80 brands so far, and having protected over 200 million products, Acviss is the world’s most trusted and proven technology when it comes to fighting fakes. Authenticity Verification is at core of Acviss’ vision and Acviss strives to ensure that product’s authenticity can be verified before a consumer buys them . Verification of Authenticity of products through Acviss has helped consumers buy genuine products and brands protect their brand image and revenues.

We connect the brands to their consumers by providing integrated solutions for authenticity verification along with real time insights on buying patterns, thereby changing the way consumers now buy products. Our authenticity verification technology is complex and layered with multiple elements making it next to impossible to replicate. At the same time, it is user-friendly such that authenticity verification just a few clicks away.

Multi layered

The logic behind the lucrative parallel market of counterfeit products is simple: low cost bulk procurement of raw materials, mass packaging and high profit margin. Often, counterfeit products are kept alongside with genuine products, so that they get masked and pass on as authentic. At Acviss, we ensure that every unit, and not just the brand or line of product has unique identity markers. Mass production of counterfeit products, becomes next to impossible, thereby cutting on the profit margins.

Acviss is a multi-layered patented technology that uses multiple random and unique signatures. Our authenticity verification markers are layered with multiple overt and covert elements, ranging from holographic labels, unique randomized serial numbers, along with many hidden markers which are not visible to the naked eye. Our customized formats and cleverly designed covert markers are 100% counterfeit proof, making it impossible for even Acviss to regenerate these fingerprints.

Tamper Evident

Tamper evident design is the most visible aspect that can be easily identified by the end consumer, just by looking. At Acviss, we offer customized tamper resistant and tamper evident designs that can be integrated into the packaging and this is done by an in-depth study of the life cycle of the product. For each product, our R&D team identifies who could be a potential tamperer and what resources and time the person may have. We also look at the environment, as also the point in the supply chain where chances for potential tampering could be the highest. We study the potential consumers and their awareness levels for identifying tampering, and provide solutions that are best suited for the particular brand.

Coupled with cutting edge technology and continuous R&D towards improving Authenticity Verification, Acviss labels are tamper evident, tamper proof and self-destructible. They become useless and the product cannot be repacked, once the labels have been tampered with. When a consumer suspects attempts of tampering, s/he can verify the authenticity of the product through our mobile app. The company gets real-time alerts on every attempt of authenticity verification to enable timely intervention.

Our customized approach, coupled with unique tamper evident and tamper resistant designs, are geared towards ensuring that maximum number of consumers can easily verify the authenticity of a product. We at Acviss provide not just unique identity to your product, but also a tamper proof one.

Proprietary Computer Vision Algorithm

We at Acviss integrate technology with thorough research to make authenticity verification easy and efficient for the end-consumer, and duplication or replication complex for the counterfeiters. Worldwide, the market for counterfeit products is around 1 trillion dollars. With advent of online retailers, consumers have greater access to a wide range of products at competitive prices. Increase in demands leads to a subsequent increase in the potential for counterfeiting. During such trying times, it is important to supplement the policies and regulations against counterfeiting by taking advantage of the new age technology. With counterfeiters always trying to find ways to replicate and fake products, anti counterfeiting technology need to be always a step ahead.

Acviss’ solutions offer layered elements with overt and covert markings, that can be integrated into the packaging and labels. We have multiple layers of authenticity protection and identification on a single unit of the product. Our anti-counterfeit technology uses machine learning, AI, cryptography, unique algorithms, computer visioning and more to ensure that duplication of a product is next to impossible. Anti counterfeiting technology has always had the issue of having poorly developed consumer facing interfaces which have rendered them useless however Acviss’ anti counterfeiting technology while complex for counterfeiters to replicate is highly simple for a consumer to use. Our proprietary computer vision algorithm helps consumers verify all complex unique random markers for authenticity verification of a product is just a few seconds. The algorithm identifies multiple layers of elements embedded in a package and decodes the hidden markers in a time efficient manner, making our anti-counterfeit technology one of its kind.

Instants Alerts

Counterfeit products pose a significant loss to the government as also the company. The entities lose out on revenues as also reputation. However, the biggest loss is endured by the consumers who fall prey to fake and at times, dangerously spurious products. Technology must be used for the benefit of the society at large. With this belief, the anti-counterfeit technology of Acviss not just helps in preventing and detecting counterfeit products, but also enables the company to take timely actions. Our real-time product authentication technology provides the company instant access to all consumer verification activities, highlighting abnormalities in sale patterns and fake products. Already Acviss has helped multiple brands track these counterfeiters and take right action against them.

Actionable Insights

Despite rules and regulations, and new age technology, the global counterfeit market is blooming. One of the biggest hurdles here is that companies do not have a single platform to connect with the end-user to understand their pain points. If a consumer bought a fake product then there are many questions we must address:
Also, authenticity verification technologies will bear results only when the end user is aware of a parallel black market for the product.
Our anti-counterfeit technology and algorithms are solution focussed. With machine learning, AI and in depth research on new age technology, we integrate prevention and detection of anti-counterfeiting with business needs and results. Through our application, we enable asset tracking, to help companies gain richer insights about their consumers, thereby helping the brand make better business decisions. Our technology offers solutions aimed at utilizing consumer touch-points to build awareness about counterfeit products by running campaigns or sending notifications.

Integrates into Packaging

Implementation and integration of the overt and covert markers into packaging and production line is the last, but not the least step in insulating a product from counterfeiting. Acviss’ anti-counterfeit technology and markings are compatible with most applicators. We at Acviss also provide guidance on implementing and integrating the technology, as also procuring special applicators as and when need arises. All our overt and covert markings can be applied to any and every kind of packaging: boxes, strips, bottles, and more. We have catered to a wide range of sectors like pharma, FMCG, luxury products, cosmetics and more. We at Acviss, therefore have a nuanced understanding of the complexities and challenges of bulk packaging and integrating new technologies in the production line. We offer customized anti-counterfeit technology specific to the sector, company and the brand. We are not just think-partners or technology partners. We partner with the company till the implementation and roll-out phase, sometimes even beyond.

Multiple Platforms

The Acviss label can then be verified at any point in the supply chain and also by the end consumer. Acviss’ app is one such medium. On verification, the user is not only able to identify the authenticity of the product, but can also get to know the product’s details and origin. The app can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store for free. Acviss also provides web based verifications, white-labelled applications and an SDK for companies that wish to use their own brand name for the app.