Safegaurd Your Seeds

Remove counterfeits, stop piracy, and monitor sellers automatically to safeguard your brand’s future

Common Problems Every Agriculture Brand Faces

No Real Ability To Track

Typically speaking once a packages leaves the warehouse, there is little to no tracking technology available for tracking individual packages.

No Clarity in Supply Chain

Rarely does a brand know which dealer, distributor or retailer has which batch of products - creating loopholes for counterfeiters to enter.

No Easy Verification

Farmers have no way of verifying wether they've purchased genuine seeds. They're on the mercy of the retailer selling them the product.

For any Agricultural Brand, It's crucial to empower Farmers.

  • Allow Farmers to Verify Seeds Right On Their Smartphones
  • Remove the power from Dealers, Distributors and Bring it to Farmers and Brands
  • Bring in traceability and tracking in the supply chain.

How Acviss Accomplishes All of the Above?

Unique QR Code For Every Seed Bag

Acviss has proprietary technology for developing unique, water proof, fire proof and scratch proof QR codes.

Easy Verification At All Stages

Allow your entire supply chain to verify if they've received genuine products or not. Allows you to keep track of your supply chain.

Farmer Engagement Even After Purchase

Connect with your end customers - give them rewards, education and establish long lasting relationships.