Tracking and eliminating fake seeds from manufacturer to farmer.

Agritrack helps you protect your brand by allowing farmers to verify the genuineness of every packet of seeds they purchase with their smartphone, so that no fake seeds are sold in the market.

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Lab to Harvest traceability solution that empowers farmers to verify every packet of seeds they purchased right on their smartphone.

How it works?

1. Seed manufacturer signs up for Agritrack and integrate our Patented codes in their packaging.

Once verified codes are printed on the packaging, farmers can use the app to check if any of their seeds are fake or not.

2. Farmers buy seed packets from a verified seller and scan them with our mobile app before planting to ensure they’re genuine.

Verified sellers can also track how many seeds were sold in each packet through our platform so that they know which batches needs more replenishment.

3. All members are compliant with all government standards.

Our team is made up of experts who work closely with seed companies on compliance issues such as traceability to ensure every compliance measure is taken care of. 

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